Students with a music education average higher grades than non-musical students. Participation in activities like a musical ensemble are highly sought after by college admissions.*

social & Emotional

Your involvement in a musical ensemble will further develop and refine skills that you will take with you for life, including (but not limited to):


You will make relationships that last a lifetime, and it all begins on the first day of school. You are also guaranteed to have at least one class with your friends!

*Guhn, M., Emerson, S. D., & Gouzouasis, P. (2020). A population-level analysis of associations between school music participation and academic achievement. Journal of Educational Psychology, 112(2), 308-328.

The Arts and the University

Representatives of major universities offered these comments on the role of the arts in the admission process.  Excellence in music is a common denominator at many schools.  As you can see from these comments, musical expertise is a significant factor that can boast an applicant’s chances of acceptance into a top university.

University of Virginia

John A. Blackburn, Dean of Admissions

The founder of this university, Thomas Jefferson, was an avid musician himself, and his influence can be seen today in the strength of the offerings in music, drama, art studio, history of art, and also architecture. This university seeks students who have solid backgrounds in English, math, science, history, and foreign languages. In addition, we look for students who have well-developed talents in the arts, for we know that they add a richness to our student body. They enhance the quality of life for all of our students and faculty at the University of Virginia.

Brown University

Vartan Gregorian, President

We've made a tremendous mistake in diminishing art, music, and dance as fluff or frills.  The arts, like sports, play a vital role in bringing students together and promoting teamwork.  Athletics provide stability and a way to release energy.  The arts allow children to develop creativity and imagination.  The Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington D.C., has one of the lowest dropout rates anywhere.  Ninety percent of the participants in The Boys Choir of Harlem go to college following high school.

It's almost impossible to overemphasize the creative arts in education.

Yale University

Worth David, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

Qualifications for admission to Yale College include not only the reasonably well-defined areas of academic achievement and special skill in non-academic areas, but also the less tangible qualities of capacity for involvement, commitment, and personal growth.  The arts offer remarkable opportunities for the exercise of these qualities.  The highly skilled artist, the student whose intellectual interests include close study of the arts, and the many applicants who demonstrate motivation and the willingness to extend their reach through participation in the arts, all promise to enhance the quality of life at Yale.


Dr. Vu T. Tran, Director of Undergraduate Admissions

As one of America’s premier universities for teaching, research, and service, UCLA conducts a comprehensive review of applicants to all programs.  In the selection process, we define merits beyond the standard academic elements, which include but are not limited to grades, test scores, or academic subjects completed.  UCLA values students with special talents and/or accomplishments.  Students who can demonstrate their skills and achievements as accomplished musicians or artists would definitely enhance their chance for admission to all majors